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Xalacom will be on sale in Japan

Hi! I'm a ophthalmogist running a outpatient clinic in Japan.
Yesterday I had the visit of Pfeizer MR for the campaign of new glaucoma eye drop,Xalacom which has been already on sale in the world nearly decade ago. But Xalacom,combination eye drop of prostaglandin and B-blocker would be a potential ocular pressure depressant,but at the same time, precaution should be taken to prevent both type of side effect.
Especially B-blocker eye drop is known to cause deadly side effect like cardiac arrest in heart disease patients. Once you start to depend on this strong additive effect of Xalacom, it's pretty difficult to think about early withdrawal,resulting in the prolonged use .
So we should take care of not only the control of ocular pressure but also the side effect of prolonged use of B-blocker on heart disease patients.
The merits of the combination eye drops are the higher compliance enabled by once a day use, and the more cost efficient than buying two eyedrops. But considering the nature of glaucoma,higher occurrence of visual loss, it is a big question that the merits brought by the combination eyedrops are truely beneficial for glaucoma eye.
Instead of Xalacom, if we use two eye drops, of course not so time saving and cost efficient . We can control the eye pressure of glaucoma eye more finely. When you see too much ocular pressure drop,you can stop using one .
In case of of combination eyedrops, we would like to have something more than the additive effects of two eyesrops . We should select the best pair of two eyesrops that will give us further benefits which cannot be obtained by independent use of eyedrops.
# by matsuda-eyeclinic | 2010-04-25 07:00