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New arival from Johnson&Johnson

"1DayACUVUE TruEye"
Product Description
1-Day Acuvue TruEye is the worlds FIRST daily disposable contact lens that comes in a new breathable silicone hydrogel material called Narafilcon A - an innovative silicone hydrogel material saturated with a locked-in super smooth wetting agent. Narafilcon A delivers 98% oxygen flux to the cornea. Acuvues new TruEye contact lenses are truly remarkable as patients will regain incredible white eyes and comfort at the end of the day because the super wet and super smooth surface. It has the lowest friction coefficient of any daily disposable lens on the market today

30pieces ¥2,980ー

# by matsuda-eyeclinic | 2010-05-22 16:23

About headaches

When you have a headache and consult a book about it, your headache may worsen before you finish reading it. Because headaches may ensue from so many diseases, it is difficult to determine the source.
Possible source of your headache could be a common cold if your symptoms are combined with a fever,cough and stuffy nose.
In case of habitual headache, the more you worry, the worse your headache becomes. Because the recurrence of a headache makes you suspicious whether there is a serious disease hiding behind it.
To wipe out your worry,I recommend a brain MRI examination. In this country MRI equipped medical facilities are located within your reach, even in your own town.
With a doctor's instruction MRI tests cost you around ¥7,000 if you are enrolled in Japanese Healthcare System.
When thorough MRI examination reveals no space occupying lesion or vascular abnormalities in your brain, your worries will vanish immediately because the result indicates no life threatening disease. Besides MRI examinations, there is still much to do for the search of your headache but hopefully minor diseases such as the common cold could be the source of your headache.

# by matsuda-eyeclinic | 2010-05-22 15:36

The problem of once a day use eye solution

Application of multiple times a day of eye solution would be a cumbersome work for the patiensts. The new drug delivery system proved a great boon to the patients enabling once a day use of eye solution.
But the new technology does not always bring the benefit. In order to retain eye solution longer in the eye and prevent it from being washed out, its vehicle has a viscous nature.
After the dose of once a day use-eye solution, you may have blurred vision, which wolud be hazardous for driving. This symptom would be more pronounced if you have dry eye. You should stop driving for a while until your vision recovers.
Please take heed of this dangerous aspect of once a day use-eye solution when you drive.
# by matsuda-eyeclinic | 2010-05-20 11:48

combined drugs

As the recession turns worse, twofers, buy one and get the other one free is now becoming one of the popular measures to lure cost conscious customers. When twofers was adopted by pharmaceutical companies, combined drugs are their answers. Let me show you the successful outcome. Unbalanced dieters should take many different types of Vitamines as the supplements, and if they are combined in one pill,and still cost efficient, no one can resist buying it. But it is also true under the recession, pharmaceutical companies are producing unlikely drug concoctions, which you cannot help wondering truly good for your health. Let me introduce you one of the cases. A combined drug for erectile dysfunction and high cholesterol. I prefer to have them separately according to my health. Sad to say,this is the tip of the iceberg of their fancy drug concoctions. Can you believe pharmaceutical companise really wish to develop a trusting relationship with you?
# by matsuda-eyeclinic | 2010-04-28 07:08

A pitfall of eyelash growing medications

For the beautification of eyelashes, making them longer, thicker and darker, LATISSE solution is widely prescribed at esthetic clinics. But to be honest, this eye solution is not developed for the treatment of hypotrichosis,sparse eyelash. Ingredients in this medicine help lower IOP ,Inter Ocular Pressure. This eye solution is used for the treatment of glaucoma. Changes in eyelashes are one of the side effects for glaucoma patients and IOP reduction vice versa for esthetic clinic patients. For instance when blood pressure is lowered by medication , severe side effects such as dizziness, confusion and slurred speech are reported. So what will happen with IOP lowered eyes? IOP has the power to keep retina attached to the eye ball from inside. softened eye balls might be more vulnerable to ocular trauma, bringing a dangerous outcome or even possible retinal detachment.
Before the use of LATISSE solution, an eye check with your opthalmologist is advised.

# by matsuda-eyeclinic | 2010-04-26 07:07