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Pikachuu in your computer

Pikachuu,one of the characters from the Japanese smashing hit anime, Pocket Monster, is well known all over the world. Pikachuu has a stunning and powerful weapon; lightning from its tail. But its lighting is so bright and rapidly frickering that children watching the anime on TV sometimes have dizziness, or in the worst case, an epileptic fit. But you cannot blame Pikachuu alone for it because you might be put under the same condition with the anime viewing children when you are working on computers. Because of the high speed CPU, when you touch the panel or computer mouse, the computer images rapidly change, resulting in the sudden change of screen illumination. After the spending long hours on a computer, you might suffer the same flickering eye strain as the children. To avoid this eye strain, you should work under a bright room light and keep some distance from your computer screen.
If not, you might have a sudden Pikachuu attack unconsciously during your computer work.

by matsuda-eyeclinic | 2010-06-10 12:51