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The orbital Puffiness

Almost a decade ago, the female duo named "Puffy" got a big break in the Japanese pop music world. Slovenly dressed with T-shirts and jean pants, their singing style is lackdaisical. Because of their group name, when I see them on TV they always remind me of a patient I had at my clinic.
It was 5-year old boy with severe palpebral lid and the mother told me that the previous doctor prescribed him an anti-allergic eye solution. Of course a skin allergic reaction causes edema but it should be accompanied with inflammatory change.
In case of systemic edema caused by acute nephritis or cardiac failure, there is no sign of inflammation, however edema is more noticeable in orbital area because palpebral tissue contains gaps to enable rapid lid movement.Together with other physical findings, I diagnosed this boy with acute nephritis and transferred him to the chilren's hospital immediately.
Later I received a letter from the pediatrician saying the boy was seriously ill from nephritis and admitted to the hospital. One and a half years later, the boy showed up again with the mother and I was very happy to know that they dropped in just to say thanks to me this time.
by matsuda-eyeclinic | 2010-05-27 12:35